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Most client are happy with our service, here are our service so far:


Budget problem for research? Sarimin have the most talented research team for your solution.

App Development

Create you desktop and mobile app with beautiful design, addorable price, one year warranty

Cloud Platform

Sarimin have cloud to store your data with the most secure protection.

Website Development

Build simply beauty website with Sarimin.


Looking for clothing, furniture, toys, servers, computers and etc? Find your needs at Sarimin store.


Sarimin engineer will come to fix your computer problem at office or home. Arrange your private tour with Sarimin Tour.

About us

Sarimin born as Sarimin App on November 18, 2014. Sarimin App is an Information technology consultant, software house, hardware seller. Sarimin App direct client : PT. Sprint Asia, PT. Gudpoin Indonesia, PT. Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia, PT. Higo apps, PT. Infotech Solutions, PT. Primatek Infokom Jaya, PT. Home Credit Indonesia, PT. Aivon Meditama, PT. Galactic, 中国银行. Sarimin App indirect client : Bank BCA Indonesia, Bank International Indonesia (BII), Bank Permata Indonesia, Domino Pizza Indonesia.

As budget improve, Sarimin App decide to integrate old business with Sarimin App. Now Sarimin has four core business : Lab (Research), App, Store, Services. Service include : Computer Engineering Service, Private Tour Service, Technician Service, Forecast service, Gaming service

Sarimin Research

Sarimin Research is the best research unit in the world. Our research data has been proven used in many countries.

Sarimin App and Store

Sarimin App is website and mobile aplication developer unit. Use Sarimin Store to search your computer hardware needs, clothing, accesories.

Sarimin Tour

Sarimin Tour is private tour service unit.

Sarimin Engineers

Sarimin Engineers is computer repair service and installation service.

Our Portfolio

List of project that make Sarimin bigger are:


Honey Bee Lipstick

Plastic dangerous

PE (LDPE, VLDPE,HDPE), PP, PET migration into food. Use worldwide now, but some government try to steal it.

Sarmin Drone

Sarmin Drone is a Flying ball that can be use as antigravity drone equiped with weaponary.


Search engine, weather, video search, music, translate.

You-Artificial Intellegence

An artificial intelegence for your Android device.


Cross device multi platform code editor.


Messenger app with video conference.

Elo Rating Chess

Android, iOS, Mac chess game.

Sarimin Team

To make bigger company, you must have the great team, here are Sarimin great team :

Oscar Perdanakusuma

Oscar Perdanakusuma

Commissioner & Co-Founder

National rank on research, 中国健康战斗机.

Welly Sunarya


Founder Sarimin company.

Oscar Perdanakusuma


Human Resources



Happy Clients


Modern Websites


Desktop & Mobile Apps






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